Sportster S


The Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S model is an all-new performance cruiser motorcycle that combines incredible power with contemporary technology and unrestrained styling.

The Revolution® Max 1250T powertrain is the mechanical and spiritual heart of the Sportster® S model–the source of its power and the centerpiece of its design.




Designed to thrill. The 2021 Sportster® S is powered by the all-new Revolution® Max, a liquid-cooled powertrain with double overhead camshafts and variable valve timing: offering ample torque and an immediate powerband tuned to maximize rider enjoyment. Prepare for power and performance like you’ve never experienced.



The Sportster® S motorcycle is intended to appeal to a self-confident rider, one eager to experience the power this bike can deliver, one who also prefers to step away from the crowd on a motorcycle that discards traditional styling tropes. Its lightweight, safety enhancements, and technology features will also appeal to new riders as well.



The Sportster® S model is designed to deliver a riding experience rooted in the thrill of unleashing extraordinary power in the act of dynamic acceleration, tempered by invisible technology.

Stoplight to stoplight, corner to corner–on-demand torque produces an unrelenting, exhilarating blast of thrust and adrenaline. This is the ideal bike for riders seeking a rush of freedom and escape from the daily grind; the ideal bike for a rider ready to embrace the irrational.




The Sportster® S model employs a mash-up of diverse styling influences.

Revolution® Max 1250T Powertrain

94 ft. lbs. torque
→ 121 horsepower

Weight (As Shipped/Running Order)
→ 486/502 pounds

4-Inch Round TFT Display Screen

Bluetooth® Connectivity and Moving Maps Navigation

Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements Including ABS and Traction Control

Selectable and Customizable Ride Modes

All LED Lighting

High-Mount Exhaust

Wide Performance Tires

Adjustable Performance Suspension

Cruise Control

Paint Colors
→ Vivid Black
→ Stone Washed White Pearl
→ Midnight Crimson


RDRS Safety Enhancements are a collection of technology designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration, and braking. Select features are now standard on the Sportster®️ S.

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*Prototype model shown. Production model features will vary. Not yet available for sale. All future models shown may not be available in all markets.